Error Code 99: Unable to contact registration server. Please try again later.


This error message indicates that SnapGene is not able to access our website to register/check your license details. 

There are two likely reasons for the problem:

  1. The most common cause of this error is use of a local proxy server.  If you are on a Windows computer then please make sure that you can access using either an Internet Explorer or Edge browser (it must be one of these two, not any other browser).  If you are on a Mac, please check your proxy server settings.  You should enlist the help of your IT personnel if necessary to adjust your proxy settings.
  2. If you are running a firewall, it must be configured to allow the SnapGene application to contact port 443 at *  You can temporarily disable your firewall in order to register, and/or to test if the firewall settings are the cause of the error.  If you do not have access to configure your firewall you may need to contact your IT personnel.
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